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AP6868 - $19.20
Mind-boggling! Display the colors of the rainbow by rotating a black-and-white disk! Spin the disk in the opposite direction and the color order reverses. How is this possible? It is the result of the brain's perception of flashing white light. A fun...
AP4739 - $60.35
You won't believe your eyes! As you reach for the object on top of the mirage you will only get air! How is the mirage image created? What a great introductory demonstration to pique interest in reflection/refraction and angles of reflection. Simply...
AP7284 - $32.05
There is more to light than meets the eye! Instead of just giving your students information about the electromagnetic spectrum, allow them to discover infrared and ultraviolet light for themselves. Two “enlightening” demonstrations reveal evidence...
AP7786 - $11.05
Are your eyes playing tricks on you? Maybe they are if you are using this set of fun optical illusions! Did you know that concentric circles can look like a spiral, red can be green, and shapes can float? Explore 3D images and even create your own!...
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