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AP5321 - $30.55
Perfect for opening or closing class or as a challenging break from the regular routine. This collection of mini-activities includes puzzles, riddles, limericks, and thought-starters. Each of the short, but challenging, “warm-ups” is designed...
AP6704 - $25.40
“I'll take Rocks and Minerals for 500.” Use a familiar quiz show game to reinforce your students' understanding of important earth science concepts. Questions and answers cover many important earth science principles about the atmosphere, oceans, rocks...
AB1301 - $30.10
Are we irreversibly damaging the ozone layer with our chemical wastes? Will chemical fertilizers that increase our food supply eventually destroy our water sources? This fascinating text will expose students to today's most pressing environmental questions....
AP5325 - $29.50
A colorful, scientifically accurate, and easy-to-understand guide to weather in the United States. From the USA Today staff, this guide uses the same format as that used in the USA Today weather page. Full-color graphics explain weather concepts from...
FB0736 - $56.55
This easy-to-use manual for school-based water quality monitoring is considered the reference for those working with community water monitoring projects. The Field Manual has become the standard text for studies of water quality in thousands of schools...
FB1020 - $36.35
An exciting collection of hands-on activities to help students in grades 7-12 understand and appreciate their environment. Includes 32 interdisciplinary lessons with complete directions, reproducible worksheets, materials lists, discussion questions,...
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