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FB1111 - $22.45
Large simulated chromosome smears make this kit one of a kind. Your students can now realistically cut out chromosomes and use key characteristics to match them into pairs. The concept of chromosome pairing (homologous pairs) will have new meaning...
FB1728 - $115.95
This karotyping kit is different from most as actual human chromosomes are used. The excitement will run high as students prepare their own slide and then hunt for a cell with a complete set of chromosomes.   Students can count the number of...
FB1858 - $13.90
Looking for a fresh and exciting way to teach genetics? In this unique activity, students create chromosomal maps using idealized diagrams of human chromosomes. The process is similar to that used by geneticists-students match homologous chromosomes...
FB1921 - $40.00
Bring microscopic genetic techniques to life size by building a recombinant DNA plasmid! Simulate the roles of restriction enzymes and DNA ligase in the formation of recombinant DNA. Students will construct plasmid DNA using chenille wire and four...
FB1965 - $56.85
As students help construct and then analyze a pedigree chart of England’s Queen Victoria, they learn about sex-linked traits and the genetic patterns associated with sex-linked inheritance. This 5’ x 2 1/2’ large-scale magnetic chart is easily assembled...
FB2041 - $16.35
Big Idea 1, Investigation 3, Science Practices 1, 5 Horses, chickens, tuna, humans, Ateles (monkeys), chimpanzees, rabbits, Arabidopsis thaliana (plant), rattlesnakes, frogs, dogs, bees, cows—what do all these organisms have in common? Students find...
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