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AP6714 - $135.95
Students quickly grasp the concept of moment of inertia while waving wands and comparing the ease at which the two wands can be twirled. Each wand is equal in mass, but the mass of one wand is evenly distributed while the mass on the other wand can...
AP4609 - $53.80
Engineered to provide a low-friction rotating surface for experiments involving the conservation of angular momentum and rotational kinetic energy. Its low-friction, ball-bearing design assures good results. It can be set on a level floor for standing...
AP4633 - $18.50
This unique lab is simple to set up, illustrates difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner-and is fun! Students get involved by varying the distribution of large steel ball bearings inside the hollow, compartmentalized plastic discs. They...
AP7419 - $17.70
Students experience the effects of inertia every day—riding in a car, playing sports, even picking up their backpacks. Present a more dramatic demonstration of Newton’s law of inertia by safely and simultaneously dropping three eggs into beakers of...
AP8059 - $36.95
Explore the world of physics, projectile motion and gravity with this adrenaline-filled experience! Students are challenged to recreate the pinpoint accuracy required to air drop a package during times of war or natural disaster when land is inaccessible....
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