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AP6457 - $75.80
Help your students become magnet “experts.” In this hands-on introductory kit, students will experiment with bar magnets to visibly see why magnets “stick” to certain objects, but not others. They will test magnetic polarity, and determine what types...
AP7347 - $41.85
Add depth to your students’ understanding of magnetism—show it in 3-D! Beautiful demonstration clearly reveals the shape and strength of the magnetic field. Simply fill the special jar-and-tube assembly with oil, add iron filings, shake, and insert...
AP7432 - $35.60
Ferrofluid, first developed by NASA in the 1960s, consists of nano-sized magnetic particles suspended in a liquid. Your students will be fascinated as you demonstrate the unique properties of this nanoscience material and produce interesting 3-dimensional...
AP8004 - $99.75
AP Physics 2, Big Ideas 2 and 3, Investigation 9For hundreds of years, explorers have used compasses as a means to navigate and discover our planet thanks to the presence of the Earth’s magnetic field. Migratory birds also use this field to navigate...
AP8005 - $119.35
AP Physics 2, Big Idea 4, Investigation 10Electricity and magnetism just two parts of the unifying concept of electromagnetism. Once it was known that electric currents produce magnetic fields, it was natural to wonder if magnetic fields could produce...
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