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FB1751 - $47.60
Take your students on a journey into the “mysterious” microscopic world as new and perhaps strange-looking life forms are examined. This is an exceptional way to introduce students to the proper use and care of a microscope as well as boosting their...
FB1910 - $45.60
Most students are aware that plant and animal cells are different, but how are they different? In this activity, written in the form of a mystery, students must apply their knowledge of cell structure and organelles to identify four unknown prepared...
FB1930 - $67.25
Discover the realm of photosynthetic algae and increase student microscopy skills with this kit. Students compare and contrast living and preserved species from the groups Chrysophyta, Euglenophyta, and Chlorophyta, and investigate characteristics...
FB1995 - $58.95
You are the head of a crime lab! Field agents have just brought back evidence from the crime scene and now it is up to the lab team to compile data from the evidence. Students examine four different slides to determine what type of tissue is present...
ML1435 - $75.95
Illustrate different bacteria using this informative study set. Includes six microscope slides in a plastic box, three overhead color transparencies, and detailed student worksheets. Two slides are carefully stained to show mouth bacteria and three...
FB2013 - $44.95
Every living organism consists of one of two types of cells—prokaryotic or eukaryotic. Discover the key features that differentiate living things as prokaryotes or eukaryotes and how these features benefit their survival. Students observe and analyze...
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