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FB0483 - $192.70
Students build a DNA molecule and then replicate, transcribe, and translate it. All of the steps and transitions involved in the synthesis of a protein molecule are illustrated by hands-on model building. The roles of DNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), ribosomes,...
FB0449 - $92.20
Once your students have assembled their own model of DNA they'll have a much clearer picture of how it looks and works. The assembled models are flexible enough to twist into the double helix structure and can be “unzipped”-allowing the students to...
FB1718 - $276.55
Helping students learn about protein synthesis is easy! Large, colorful models of DNA, mRNA, ribosome, tRNA, and amino acids ensure that even students in the back of the classroom will clearly see the demonstration. Simply attach the durable plastic...
FB2144 - $42.75
Protein synthesis is essential for all living organisms. Make this process easy and fun to learn with this descriptive and highly visual activity. Students assemble models to understand the roles of mRNA, tRNA, codons, anticodons, amino acids and ribosomes...
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