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AP4690 - $45.05
Are cis and trans isomers interchangeable and do they have different properties? Discover the answers to these fundamental organic questions in this quick and easy Vial Organic™ lab. Maleic acid (cis) is converted into fumaric acid (trans) using heat...
AP9308 - $52.45
Investigate a classic permanganate oxidation reaction to produce benzoic acid, an important food additive. Vial Organic™ procedures make this oxidation reaction safe, quick, and guaranteed to produce great looking product. Excellent lab to test your...
AP9309 - $63.90
Rated #1 by chemistry students as their favorite organic chemistry lab. Students prepare and isolate n-propyl acetate (banana oil) from acetic acid and n-propyl alcohol in this fast, safe, and easy ester synthesis. Odors are reduced using the sealed...
AP9319 - $60.45
Demonstrate the importance of organic chemistry in the apparel industry by synthesizing indigo, the same dye used in blue jeans. Indigo is prepared by a base-catalyzed reaction between acetone and o-nitrobenzaldehyde using vial organic procedures....
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