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AP5261 - $124.70
Ultraviolet Lamps, Long Wave/Short Wave Ideal for viewing fluorescent minerals. Both lamps emit long-wave and short-wave ultraviolet light and can be used to study minerals that fluoresce in either wavelength region. Lamps offer a full 4 watts of power...
AP1901 - $35.90
Hand-held black light produces long wave ultraviolet light, ideal for fluorescence or phosphorescence experiments. Battery-operation makes this lamp completely portable. Provided with a hanging tab, wrist lanyard, and durable plastic case. The ultraviolet...
AP9030 - $43.15
We converted a simple 18" fluorescent light fixture into a handy ultraviolet lamp. Use this black light to discover which substances fluoresce or phosphoresce when exposed to longwave ultraviolet light. Show your students that everyday products...
AP6658 - $114.10
Battery-operated ultraviolet lamp is completely portable and compact enough to be carried in a pocket.  produces a reliable source of shortwave (254 nm) ultraviolet light.  Includes a nylon strap for easy transport.  Operates on four...
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