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AP6492 - $141.45
The power and brightness of a benchtop laser for a fraction of the cost! This durable laser pointer projects an intense green beam that can be seen up to several thousand feet in darkness. Powered by two AAA batteries (included) and lasts as long as...
AP8934 - $22.05
Your students will be fascinated by this pen-sized laser. A wide variety of physical science demonstrations can be conducted with this inexpensive laser or it may simply be used in lectures. The laser beam projects a brilliant red dot which can be...
AP9246 - $565.90
This low cost, unmodulated, 0.8 milliWatt helium-neon laser is perfect for student's hands-on demonstrations. Use it for making holograms, measuring precise intensity of the laser output, or examining the finer details in a diffraction pattern. Use...
AP7833 - $6.15
Electromagnets are used in science, engineering and everyday electronics. Simply connect a battery to this low-cost electromagnet to clearly demonstrate that magnetism can be produced by electricity. Change the polarity of the magnet by switching the...
AP7835 - $58.35
High-quality laser at a very affordable price! Laser emits both red and green beams individually or simultaneously. Perfect for optics demonstrations and experiments to study reflection, refraction and diffraction. Use for lecture and presentations—able...
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