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AP1904 - $122.90
This heavy-duty, six-place lecture bottle carrier/holder proves useful when transporting lecture bottles from room to room in your science department. Consider using this device for permanent storage for your lecture bottles. Instead of allowing your...
LB1045 - $50.45
Make a safer apparatus setup by placing your lecture bottle in this sturdy holder. Frees teacher's hands and prevents the lecture bottle from rolling off the table. Wide base provides stability; made of heavy-duty PVC.
LB1054 - $14.95
If you use lecture bottles, then you will find this lecture bottle opener indispensable. Easier to use than a wrench; opens lecture bottles with little effort; aluminum construction; dimensions 7 7/8" x 1" x 1/2".
LB1050 - $418.50
Two-stage precision regulator allows for control of the delivery pressure and control of the pressure in the attached lecture bottle. Very compact unit (6" x 4" x 4"); made almost entirely of brass. Cannot be used with a corrosive gas...
LB1051 - $289.25
The most economical choice for dispensing gas from a lecture bottle. Has a single-stage control valve that connects directly to your lecture bottle. Provides coarse control through a manually operated valve. Fill balloons or attach tubing to the brass...
LB1052 - $447.70
Similar to LB1051 but of stainless steel and with 10" stem for use with ammonia gas. This control valve will only fit ammonia gas lecture bottles and refillable gas cylinders.
LB2005 - $458.95
Provide your refillable cylinder with accurate pressure control with this single stage regulator. Deliver pressure from 0-60 PSI. Two gauges show delivery pressure and the amount of gas remaining in the refillable cylinder. Not for use with corrosives...
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