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AP6306 - $73.75
Let your students discover the principles of the three basic classes of levers with the hands-on materials provided in this kit. Careful analysis of various lever arrangements will produce quantifiable data for determining the mechanical advantage...
AP6931 - $149.65
How effective are different simple machines in certain tasks? Use this comprehensive lab kit to allow students to experiment with four types of simple machines-the inclined plane, pulley, gears and levers-and study the advantages of each. Students...
AP6949 - $41.65
Ready, set, lift! Build eight different real-world lever and pulley machines from one economical set of materials. With these hands-on models, students will identify, investigate and experiment with three classes of levers and various pulley systems....
AP8054 - $45.65
Inspire creative engineering in your classroom with this high-flying design challenge! In the introductory activity, students build a basic catapult using simple materials. Then they test their machines to determine how variables such as the length...
AP8056 - $49.75
Put some STEAM into your STEM curriculum! Add art to science and engineering concepts with this creative activity. The lab begins with an introductory activity in which students discover the law of levers by balancing different numbers of washers on...
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