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AP4785 - $7.80
This set of five transparent acrylic squares will be a valuable resource during your discussions of color theory. The rigid acrylic color filters can also be used as a wavelength filter set with bright light projection demonstrations or with student...
AP4786 - $8.35
This color filter set is ideal for work that requires “flexibility.” The cellophane-type material can be curved around test tubes or other objects for filtering effects. These handy-sized filters are perfect for producing defined colors...
AP6172 - $43.75
Shed light on the concept of color perception with this overhead projector demonstration. Why are some objects blue and others red? Does a color filter actually change white light into colored light? What color is seen when blue and yellow light are...
AP6423 - $3.80
Excellent color filters, at an affordable price! It's easy to illustrate color mixing by subtraction. Simply overlap two colored paddles and place them on an overhead projector. A brilliant display of complementary colors will appear-yellow and blue...
AP7589 - $16.50
A common misconception is that ultraviolet light is purple in color—it's actually invisible! Demonstrate this fascinating concept visually with two plastic filters. One prevents the passage of UV light and the other allows it. When these filters are...
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