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ML1263 - $4.10
smear. All cell types shown.
ML1270 - $4.35
smear.   Slides prepared from the tissues of this animal are popular at all skill levels due to the unusually large size of its cells. Preparations that would usually require medium to high power can be viewed under low to medium power. Recommended...
ML1297 - $4.85
Giesma stain, erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets well differentiated. 
ML1298 - $5.10
Wright stain. Classic blood stain preparation. Leukocytes and platelets prominent.
ML1299 - $10.20
Smear with sickled red cells and a few normoblasts.
ML1300 - $4.10
Blood smear of rat. Giemsa stain.
ML1301 - $4.10
Blood smear of cat. Giemsa stain.
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