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AB1242 - $41.75
Are your students full of “hot air”? Here is your chance to find out just how much “hot air” those kids really have. The lung volume bag set allows students to measure lung capacity, while also being able to see if there is a relationship between lung...
FB0053 - $193.15
After working through the activities in this kit, your students will know their respiratory systems inside and out. They will measure and experiment with breathing rates, breath volume, lung volume, breath control, and the amount of CO2 in exhaled...
FB0100 - $370.40
Our lung demonstration kit comes with two sets of specially preserved swine lungs which will retain natural coloration, realistic texture, and long-term elasticity. One pair is used to demonstrate inflation and deflation of a healthy lung, while the...
FB1110 - $36.00
Extra large, unbreakable, clear plastic housing makes this functioning lung model the best available. The functioning lungs can be seen from the back of the classroom as you demonstrate the principle of differential air pressure. The use of rubber...
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