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AP8578 - $127.30
Inexpensive, yet very efficient. Stirring action speed is adjustable from 100-1000 rpm, depending on the viscosity of the medium you are stirring. The ABS plastic top is easy to clean and can hold up to a 1-liter beaker. Do not place hot materials...
AP6067 - $180.90
Our new Flinn magnetic stirrer is an enormous time-saver when working in the laboratory or preparation area. All the features you need in a magnetic stirrer are provided at an affordable price. • Powerful enough to stir 1000 mL of liquid up to 2000...
AP7211 - $209.05
This rugged magnetic stirrer provides adjustable stirring speeds from 200 to 2500 rpm. StirBuddy's direct drive motor/magnet assembly stirs from water to viscous 50% glycerin. The stirrer is 6" in diameter and stands 3" high. A Teflon®-coated...
TC1558 - $135.15
This high-quality, easy-to-use magnetic stirrer is an excellent choice when budgets are tight. The Stir Station will work effectively with beakers as small as 50-mL and as large as 1-L. Easy-to-use speed control quickly fine-tunes the stirring speed...
AP8184 - $324.65
A very flat stirring surface which is 7" x 7". The base is cast aluminum. The top is an entirely new and chemical-resistant ceramic known as Cimarec™. Provides continuously variable stirring speeds from 200 to 2500 rpm. Integral ring-stand...
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