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AP2017 - $4.25
Four-power in plastic frame. Folds into protective hard case. 3/8" x 2˝" diameter. Used in microchemistry to enhance sample examination.
AB1134 - $2.07
These unbreakable plastic magnifiers have two lenses! The 3X lens is 1 3/4" in diameter, the 6X lens is 3/4" in diameter. Very durable. A real bargain!
AB1135 - $22.60
The 3 1/2" diameter magnifier is mounted on a black circular stand with sample holder and two specimen clips. Double universal joints provide easy focus and adjustment. Magnification is 2.8X.
AP4383 - $11.85
Available in single or double lens. Rugged plastic frame and case. Lens size is 1".
AP4384 - $10.85
10X lens mounted in nickel-plated case which slides into nickel-plated brass body. Vinyl case is provided.
AP4385 - $16.15
2.5X rectangular lens measures 3 7/8" x 2". Molded in a plastic, one-piece frame with an offset handle.
AP4386 - $7.45
Low priced glass, wide field, hand-held.
AP4387 - $8.15
Low priced glass, wide field, hand-held.
AP4388 - $10.10
Low priced glass, wide field, hand-held.
AP6020 - $15.30
Perfect magnifier for studying rocks, owl pellets and large objects. Jumbo 10-cm lens with 5X magnification is mounted on a sturdy plastic self-supporting frame-students can examine a specimen while keeping both hands free. The 13-cm square base with...
AP8255 - $9.45
Wide field lens in focusing mount. Useful in elementary biology. 10X magnification. Diameter of lens 20 mm.
AP8256 - $5.50
Low priced glass, wide field, hand-held.
AP7790 - $5.10
Larger glass Fresnel lenses were initially developed for use in lighthouses. The plastic Fresnel lenses of today are used as hand-held magnifiers, in stoplights, and to focus light into narrow beams. Plastic sheet is covered with small, narrow concentric...
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