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AP6610 - $22.60
Metric-ominoes is an entertaining and enjoyable game that helps students learn and reinforces metric prefixes and their numerical values. Plays just like the classic dominoes game. A set of Metric-ominoes are given to each student group. Each domino...
AP6924 - $52.10
Use the Earth's magnetic field to easily navigate the "Compass Challenge." Help your students practice key measurement skills as they play this exciting game. Students first read the compass to determine the direction of travel for each step,...
AP6383 - $21.30
Introduce students to the metric system and common conversions while playing the Metric Match Game! Each student group receives a set of Metric Match cards containing various conversion units and numbers. As the correct conversions are matched up with...
AP7530 - $21.35
It is time to think metric! The metric system is used in science and throughout nearly every country in the world. In this cooperative class activity, students answer a series of metric measurement questions. Fifteen different puzzle sheets are solved...
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