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AP4535 - $49.95
An inclined plane is an essential tool for every physical science classroom. Use this four-foot-long, heavy-duty metal inclined plane to demonstrate and study frictional forces, potential and kinetic energy, and constant acceleration. Tough enough...
AP6685 - $129.15
Equip your entire physical science class with these sturdy yet inexpensive inclined planes. The Inclined Plane Classroom Set includes inclined planes, end pulleys, string and support rods-enough for eight groups of students. Mechanical Advantage with...
AP6755 - $32.40
Students gain knowledge of projectile motion and the law of conservation of energy as they determine the launch speed of a steel sphere after it rolls down an inclined plane. The lab activity also reinforces the concepts of Newton’s laws of motion,...
AP9268 - $87.95
Investigate acceleration, friction, and gravity; duplicate Galileo's free fall experiments. This is a tough and accurate classroom essential. Folds for storage with a special hinge. A removable protractor allows you to clamp the inclined plane up to...
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