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AP4555 - $17.80
Nuclear stability and radioactive decay are important concepts to understanding nuclear chemistry, the size of the nucleus, and the energy that holds it together. In this engaging activity, students will determine the natural decay of uranium-238 to...
AP6721 - $71.15
Students model the process of radioactive decay by studying the “decay curves” for a variety of multi-sided dice. Radioactive decay is a spontaneous and completely random process. The probability that a specific atom will decay after a certain period...
AP6895 - $49.90
The most comprehensive radioactivity shielding kit available! Using a safe, low-level radioactive source and radiation monitor, students determine the shielding effectiveness of a wide range of materials. Students will quickly recognize the differences...
AP8977 - $104.95
Radioactivity and half-life are sometimes difficult for students to understand. With this activity your students will readily grasp the general concepts of radioactivity and half-life determination. Using reusable, simulated plastic radioactive atoms...
AP6745 - $62.25
Alpha, beta, and gamma radiation are quite different in terms of their composition and properties. Different types of nuclear radiation require different types of shielding to protect workers from its harmful effects. Radiation protection comes from...
AP6152 - $13.80
Take a “quantum leap” to see if you can determine the precise location of an electron around the nucleus of an atom! This engaging lab helps students visualize the shapes and relative positions of the 1s and 2s orbitals in a hydrogen atom. It also...
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