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AP7195 - $36.85
Combine two clear liquids and heat them, then watch as the mixture produces vivid color changes from red to green to blue as it cools. From skin mapping to circuit board testing to mood rings, liquid crystals have amazing modern applications. Liquid...
AP7117 - $36.60
Discover the beautiful properties of ruby-red colloidal gold in this introduction to nanotechnology demonstration. Reacting a very dilute solution of gold chloride in water with sodium citrate, a mild reducing agent, produces elemental gold. The gold...
AP7118 - $46.45
A magnetic liquid, also known as a ferrofluid, may seem like a space-age concept. That's because it is! Now you can prepare a ferrofluid and demonstrate the concept that was invented by NASA in the 1960s to control liquids in space. The procedure is...
AP7564 - $42.20
Explore the building blocks of modern materials with this multi-demonstration kit. Model four modern material concepts—X-ray diffraction, Nitinol wires, photoresistors, and piezoelectricity. Help your students understand the importance of these materials...
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