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AP6041 - $2.70
Just add 1.5-3.0 volts of power and watch this efficient little motor “hum.” With no load it will attain over 11,000 rpm. With a load it will turn over 8,000 rpm. A very dramatic item to add to student experiments with circuitry. Motion is always more...
AP4540 - $14.20
Demonstrate the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy using this small electric motor with attached wheel and axle. Motor runs on regular or homemade batteries. Set includes motor, attached wheel and axle, and a weight (for lifting)....
AP4629 - $69.35
Seeing “inside” an electric motor as it operates is a real attention-getter. All the parts are clearly visible so you can show each component of a motor or generator in operation. This remarkable teaching tool comes with instructions for performing...
AP4635 - $9.95
There is no better way to understand how an electric motor works than to build one yourself! Students first begin by constructing their own motor parts such as the armature, commutator, and brushes. They then assemble the motor parts, hook up the power,...
AP6263 - $31.25
In minutes, students can build a simple spinning motor using just a magnet, copper wire and a 9-V battery. Once they learn what makes the motor run, they can experiment with various designs to see who can construct the fastest-spinning motor! Excellent...
AP7827 - $15.35
Study electromagnetic forces with this pre-assembled DC motor. The open structure resembles textbook diagrams and allows students to see how the motor works. Reverse the polarity of the magnets to change the direction of rotation. Use the motor with...
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