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ML1157 - $6.80
c.s. Section through hydrophytic stem.
ML1158 - $8.20
l.s. Non-median section of stem tip to show leaf development.
ML1159 - $6.45
c.s. Section through mature stem.
ML1160 - $5.75
sec. Cross and longitudinal sections through stem, on one slide.
ML1161 - $11.00
c.s. Composite preparation of sections through stem and root for comparison.
ML1162 - $8.70
l.s. Section through root-tip for mitosis, iron-alum hematoxylin and orange stain.
ML1163 - $12.00
l.s. Section through root-tip for mitosis, quadruple stain.
ML1164 - $6.70
l.s. General structure; showing root cap, meristem, and region of elongation.
ML1166 - $6.05
c.s. Mature prop root.
ML1167 - $4.75
w.m. Onion, bulb scale (leaf) epidermis to show simple cell structure.
ML1168 - $5.05
w.m. Leaf epidermis with stomata.
ML1169 - $7.15
c.s. Section through xerophytic (succulent) leaf. Compare to Elodea, ML1170.
ML1170 - $7.10
w.m. Whole mount representative hydrophytic leaf. Compare to Aloe, ML1169.
ML1171 - $6.50
c.s. Section through leaf blade with motor cells.
ML1174 - $7.50
c.s. Section through entire flower bud with anthers showing early sporogenous tissue.
ML1175 - $11.60
c.s. Anthers with first meiotic divisions.
ML1178 - $8.80
l.s. Pollinated stigma and style with pollen tubes.
ML1180 - $4.55
w.m. Mixed types.
ML1118 - $6.50
c.s. Typical monocot and dicot stems show variation in arrangement of conductive tissue.
ML1119 - $8.60
c.s. Sections through typical monocot and dicot roots.
ML1120 - $10.60
c.s. Demonstrate leaf anatomy variation with sections from monocot and dicot leaves.
ML1121 - $7.20
w.m. Epidermal layers from representative monocot and dicot leaves.
ML1122 - $6.70
c.s. Comparison between typical monocot and dicot flower buds.
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