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AP4678 - $27.60
Here is an impressive and affordable lab activity that gives consistent results in just a matter of minutes! Students perform a redox reaction between aluminum wire and a copper(II) salt. The progress of the reaction is followed by observing the disappearance...
AP6188 - $63.30
Eight buns, eight cheese slices, but only seven hamburger patties—how many cheeseburgers can you make? This lab introduces the concept needed to answer this simple question—limiting reagents in chemical reactions. Students prepare a very visual, dense,...
AP6374 - $32.15
The combustion reaction of hydrogen and oxygen has been used to send people to the moon and to design electric vehicles for the future. What factors determine the explosiveness of this reaction? In this microscale lab activity, students generate hydrogen...
AP4554 - $35.05
Students become industrial chemists! Their goal—to apply stoichiometric relationships from a balanced equation to make 2.00 grams of a product. Using two compounds, students calculate the amount of each chemical they need and, through a double displacement...
AP6363 - $77.50
Stoichiometry—what a strange and scary word! Teach students about mole ratios and take the fear out of stoichiometry calculations with this student lab activity. The reaction of copper wire with silver nitrate in aqueous solution shows chemistry in...
AP7360 - $25.60
How do you determine a balanced chemical equation when you only know the formulas of the reactants? In this interactive demonstration, the method of continuous variation is presented to the students for the oxidation–reduction reaction of sodium hypochlorite...
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