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ML1053 - $5.30
w.m. Preparation of an entire fruiting body, (sporangia).
ML1054 - $7.25
w.m. Preparation of an entire fruiting body (sporangia).
ML1075 - $5.80
w.m. Bread mold. Mycelium with sporangia.
ML1076 - $5.95
w.m. Mycelium with zygotes.
ML1077 - $4.70
w.m. Brown mold, mycelium with conidiophores bearing sterigmata and spores.
ML1078 - $4.95
w.m. Blue mold, mycelium with conidiophores.
ML1079 - $4.15
w.m. Yeast, both vegetative and budding cells present.
ML1084 - $6.95
c.s. Mushroom, section through entire pileus showing stipe, basidia, and spores.
ML1086 - $7.30
c.s. Section of rotting wood showing advancement of the fungus.
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