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AP5128 - $107.25
Learn the basics of weather and weather forecasting. This unique three-dimensional model demonstrates basic air mass structures and explains in clear detail the relationships between cloud types, precipitation, temperature, air pressure, and warm and...
AP5302 - $25.65
Create atmospheric conditions which produce rain, fog, and clouds. By introducing smoke from a burning match and a little water vapor to the cloud-forming apparatus, you can create a dense cloud over and over again simply by squeezing and releasing...
AP7267 - $64.80
Discover what the weather’s really like, all around you! Students gain valuable knowledge about the science behind common weather events by performing a series of experiments in this activity stations laboratory kit. Five mini-lab activities are set...
AP7251 - $20.30
What is the diameter of the Sun? How far is the Sun from the Earth? These seemingly imponderable “universal” questions can be easily answered using this simple but effective Sun Scale apparatus. Easy-to-assemble apparatus allows an image of the Sun...
AP6449 - $124.75
Dew point and relative humidity-two very important terms that influence weather conditions. Students will make direct dew point observation measurements, sling psychrometer dew point measurements, perform a relative humidity calculation, and obtain...
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