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ML1107 - $7.10
c.s. Section of a typical fern leaflet with sori.
ML1111 - $6.50
c.s. Section of single-needle type leaf.
ML1112 - $6.60
c.s. Section of two-needle leaf.
ML1120 - $10.60
c.s. Demonstrate leaf anatomy variation with sections from monocot and dicot leaves.
ML1121 - $7.20
w.m. Epidermal layers from representative monocot and dicot leaves.
ML1148 - $11.85
c.s. Composite slide to demonstrate leaf adaptation to environments characterized by varying degrees of moisture.
ML1149 - $5.95
c.s. Creosote bush, section of representative xerophytic leaf.
ML1151 - $5.10
w.m. Stonecrop, preparation of leaf epidermis with stomata.
ML1152 - $6.75
c.s. Lilac, section of leaf and midrid.
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