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ML1197 - $5.20
w.m. Carbon “injected” to enhance visibility of digestive tract.
ML1199 - $7.80
w.m. Composite, injected and non-injected on one slide.
ML1200 - $7.85
c.s. Composite of sections through three regions including pharynx and intestinal regions-on one slide.
ML1202 - $17.70
w.m. Outstanding preparation of the Oriental liver fluke, internal anatomy is clearly visible.
ML1203 - $11.05
w.m. Preparation of the sheep liver fluke.
ML1204 - $10.40
sec. Section of mammalian liver infected with eggs.
ML1205 - $39.90
w.m. Scolex, immature, mature, and gravid proglottids.
ML1206 - $10.55
w.m. Mature and gravid proglottids only.
ML1207 - $26.40
w.m. Composite slide of the dog tapeworm to show scolex, immature, mature, and gravid proglottids.
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