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AP1607 - $32.75
Help your students succeed in chemistry through mastery of the periodic table. This up-to-date, reproducible resource gives you 50 word games, puzzles, hands-on activities, and other exercises covering all of the known elements, both natural and artificially...
AP1832 - $16.60
Spark student interest by highlighting a different element each week! With Element of the Week, a different element is selected for study each week. During the week, the element's properties and reactions are demonstrated through teacher demonstrations...
AP6347 - $45.75
The most comprehensive reference guide to the elements available-a must-have for every chemistry teacher! Learn the history, physical and chemical properties, uses and misuses, health issues, roles in the human body and in the environment, and the...
AP9177 - $95.95
Go beyond the limits of the average chemistry lecture! Chemical principles and concepts come alive with intriguing historical stories and important industrial and societal uses for chemicals. Students enjoy chemistry much more when they can connect...
AP7455 - $31.15
Embark on a fascinating journey through the periodic table with this “visual exploration of every known atom in the universe.” Begin with a 9-page introduction of the periodic table’s organization and history, and end with a discussion about the future-as-of-yet-undiscovered...
AP7592 - $12.25
Learn more about the history—and mystery—of the most enduring, iconic symbol of chemistry! Considering that thousands of periodic table designs have been proposed, why was Mendeleev’s “discovery” so remarkable? What tragedy befell the young scientist...
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