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AP8923 - $39.05
Help students relate basic science concepts and skills to everyday life and answer the question, “Why do I need to know this?” with this exciting collection of ready-to-use lessons, projects, and lab activities. Includes 21 comprehensive, teacher-tested...
AP6959 - $42.65
How do people come up with the great inventions that make our lives easier? Eureka! looks at 29 moments in history associated with some of the world's greatest inventions and discoveries. From Newton's historic discovery of the laws of gravity to the...
AP7594 - $15.30
A must-have collection of science experiments for any teacher! Each activity has full-page, oversize, color images and easy-to-follow instructions. Beginners and experts will love these fun, entertaining activities with names like Flying Potatoes,...
AP7595 - $15.30
Walking on eggshells? It’s possible with this book! A spectacular collection of dramatic science experiments to get your students excited and catch their attention. 26 experiments in chapters titled Air-Mazing, Kitchen Chaos, Science in Motion, Must-See...
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