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AP5969 - $25.70
Quick, simple, inexpensive demonstrations allow students to easily grasp fundamental physics concepts! Topics include energy, light, Bernoulli's principle, electricity, circuits, current, heat, work, gravity, force, motion, sound, and so many more!...
AP9305 - $40.95
Nearly 200 demonstrations in physical science to engage and enlighten your students. All of these terrific demos were developed and written by experienced teachers who use them in their own classrooms. Each activity is designed in an easy-to-follow,...
AP7305 - $40.95
Engage students every day of the year with this exciting collection of physics demonstrations! With nearly 200 activities to choose from, you will always have the right demonstration at the right time to help your students understand key physics principles,...
AP7456 - $51.45
Looking for a physical science demonstration that will entertain and teach your students at the same time? This sourcebook has 85 innovative physical science demonstrations arranged by 6 topics: motion, heat, sound, electricity, magnetism, and light....
AP9175 - $40.70
Hands-on engaging activities are important for any successful science program. This exciting resource contains more than 180 hands-on activities which help students develop thinking and reasoning skills while teaching them basic physical science concepts....
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