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AP1125 - $307.45
Bring laboratory personnel up to date on regulatory standards and safety recommendations covering all aspects of a laboratory. Contents include: assignment of responsibilities, emergency programs, laboratory design, building codes, chemical storage,...
AP9005 - $287.30
Many schools are now required by state law to comply with OSHA's laboratory standard and develop a chemical hygiene plan. This book will help you develop, implement and maintain an effective chemical hygiene program and improve the overall safety profile...
AP2081 - $6.65
The American Chemical Society (ACS) has put together this complete guide on safety in the chemistry classroom. Although designed for high school and college use, the guidelines can be adapted to practices in all laboratories. Recommendations include...
AP6118 - $26.30
Many safety problems exist in the science classroom.  Lack of safety equipment, poorly designed laboratories, improper chemical storage and disposal, increasing class size, poor safety planning and training, and lack of classroom supervision are...
AP7292 - $90.65
Detailed and comprehensive science safety manual! More than 400 information-packed pages describe and explain the rules, policies, and procedures that will help you improve safety in your school. The author, Dr. Linda Stroud, founder of Science &...
AP7542 - $102.45
This comprehensive reference manual by the National Research Council covers the handling and management of hazardous laboratory chemicals. Chapters include laboratory safety, environmental health and safety management, emergency planning, evaluating...
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