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FB0757 - $127.95
Accurately cast of an unbreakable vinyl plastic, this life-size model is an essential, three-dimensional tool for studying the human brain. Model can be divided into right and left halves-revealing key internal structures. Major anatomical features...
FB1673 - $94.95
This affordably priced, life-sized model is highly detailed and features a median section of the brain exposing all major brain structures. The brain separates into four parts. Key structures can be identified using the key card provided. The model...
FB0758 - $214.50
Similar to the two-part brain but with greatly enhanced detail and a total of nine dissectible parts. Each of the brain halves can be further disassembled into frontal/parietal lobes, temporal/occipital lobes, brain stem, cerebellum and basilar artery....
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