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AP6950 - $41.65
What a value! This excellent hands-on set allows students to build one of 13 real-world bridges. Students construct and investigate seven types of bridges-arch, beam, truss, cable-stayed, cantilever, suspension and bascule. Students will be able to...
AP6952 - $217.35
Build six-foot-long replicas of seven of the most unique bridges in the world! This activity is perfect for studying real-world applications of concepts such as forces, simple machines, and equilibrium. Define the characteristics of the different bridge...
AP7793 - $81.95
Bridge-building is a popular activity to practice design and engineering skills while reinforcing a wide array of physics and math concepts. Build different types of bridges from the more simple beam, arch, and truss to the more complex cantilever,...
AP7817 - $204.40
Construct models based on real-world landmark bridges and encourage students to create their own bridge designs! Many physics concepts can be introduced with this introductory kit as students build bridges and discuss why certain designs work while...
AP8062 - $99.75
Bridges have been around for thousands of years, some as simple as a fallen tree over a creek and others as complicated as the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. In this challenge, students design and build a balsa wood bridge using only wood and glue. Their...
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