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AP6288 - $38.45
Buffers provide an essential acid-base balancing act in living cells, lakes, and in many consumer products. What are buffers made of and how do they work? First, prepare an ideal pH 7 phosphate buffer - the same buffer that protects enzymes and proteins...
AP1767 - $49.25
Buffers provide an essential acid-base balancing mechanism—in consumer products, foods, even living cells! What are buffers made of? How does a buffer work? Can you design a buffer to be effective in a given pH range? Is there such a thing as an ideal...
AP6121 - $48.60
Proper pH is a true vital sign in the blood, in the lungs, and throughout the body! How do buffers maintain the delicate pH balance needed for life and health? Explore the properties of biological buffers in this two-part kit. In Part 1, students examine...
FB1911 - $41.85
People are encouraged to “go green” and reduce environmental pollutants that cause acid rain or other hazards. Is society alone in fighting these battles? Absolutely not—nature can help! This demonstration uses marble chips and dilute sulfuric acid...
AP7663 - $48.30
Big Idea 6, Investigation 16, Primary Learning Objective 6.18 A buffer protects against rapid changes in pH when working with acids or bases. What are buffers made of? How does a buffer work? Can a buffer be designed to be effective in a given pH range?...
AP7665 - $51.95
Big Idea 6, Investigation 15, Primary Learning Objective 6.20 Every living cell contains natural buffer systems to maintain the constant pH needed for proper cell function. Consumer products are also often buffered to safeguard their activity. Students...
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