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AP7188 - $89.45
Students investigate four principles of gravity in one complete kit! Four hands-on lab activities allow students to study the motion of a pendulum, determine the center of gravity of irregular objects, measure the acceleration due to gravity using...
AP7004 - $19.40
In a chemical reaction, matter is neither created nor destroyed-except in this discrepant event demonstration! Let students discover what is really measured when something is “weighed” on a balance. First carry out a gas producing reaction in a capped...
AP6914 - $47.15
A great value-two inquiry-based labs in one! Students learn about rotational motion, friction, and the conservation of energy as they design the best “rattleback”-an object that has a preferred spin direction. When a rattleback is spun the “wrong”...
AP4622 - $19.75
The world's largest solar bag-you've never seen a solar bag like this one! Our 50-foot-long, 3-foot diameter, black plastic solar bag holds over 350 cubic feet of air. Simply fill with air, tie off the ends, and let the solar energy of the sun heat...
AP7627 - $65.20
Don't just give your students the definition for the law of buoyancy—let them discover the concept for themselves! By making careful observations and measurements of objects submerged in water, students discover interesting facts about buoyant forces...
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