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Flinn Periodic Table, Two-Sided Hanging Wall Chart

Flinn Periodic Table, Two-Sided Hanging Wall Chart, AP9021
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Flinn Periodic Table, Two-Sided Hanging Wall Chart
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By: The Flinn Staff

We asked the country's best high school chemistry teachers “What do you want in a periodic table?” We took their suggestions and incorporated them into Flinn's new two-sided, four-color periodic table.
Teachers asked for a periodic table where the most vital information-atomic number, atomic symbol, name, and atomic mass-doesn't get lost. We accomplished this by grouping this information on one side of each element box. We also included information like melting and boiling points, heat of fusion and vaporization, electronegativity, electron configurations, and much more.
Teachers also asked us for historical information for each element, common uses to generate student interest, derivation of the name or symbol of each element, and abundance of the element in crustal rocks.
The table is available three ways. First, as a 58" x 42" two-sided wall chart bound with durable plastic holders with clips. A second option is to purchase the front side only of our 58" x 42" periodic table mounted on a spring roller assembly. Printed on tough ChemDura stock, this chart will last for years. The third option is to purchase the 17" x 11" foldover notebook size. Perfect for student use. Packages of 50.


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