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Gel Electrophoresis Simulation

Gel Electrophoresis Simulation, FB1434
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Gel Electrophoresis Simulation
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By: The Flinn Staff

This pop bead simulation will help students visualize how the separation of molecular fragments occurs during gel electrophoresis. This involving set of materials is a great precursor to actual electrophoresis work. Students build models of DNA fragments with pop beads and then place them on a paper simulated agarose gel. Based upon the fragment length and migration distance, students calculate the Rf values and draw a standard curve plot for their sample. From the standard curve plot they can deduce the length of an unknown fragment.

Over 600 pop beads are included in the kit, enough for 30 students working in pairs. The provided masters allow students to complete the standard curve plots individually. Six different sets of fragment data are provided so that student groups can be working on different samples during the lab.


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