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Acetamide, Tube

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Acetamide, Tube
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reagent grade

HAZARD ALERT: Possible carcinogen; otherwise low toxicity. Practice strict hygiene in the use of this material. Use gloves, hood. LD50 7000 mg/kg.
Storage: Organic #2 only in a protective bag or can.
Disposal: #26a
Shelf Life: Poor; deliquescent; store in Flinn Chem-Saf Bag.
Soluble: Water and alcohol.
Color: Colorless
Odor: Mousy, musty.
CAS No. 60-35-5
Technical Note: Contains 15 grams of acetamide in an 18 x 150 mm Pyrex® test tube. The tube has been massed (±0.01 grams) empty and the weight permanently recorded on the tube. The acetamide that fills the tube has been weighed at 15 grams (±0.01 grams). The tube has been heated to reduce the acetamide to a congealed mass. The student can use the ready-made package with no further preparation for melting point determinations and enthalpy of fusion experiments. A water bath in which to immerse the tube and a thermometer will be required. Each tube is capped and, if treated carefully, can be used for many melting point determinations and enthalpy experiments. This package saves time for the teacher and, more importantly, improves safety.


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