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Vials, Drosophila Culture, 10/pkg

Vials, Drosophila Culture, AB1423, etc
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Vials, Drosophila Culture, 10/pkg
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Clear, polystyrene vials. Vials measure 4"H x 1¼"W—the standard size for a Drosophila culture. Foam plugs (sold separately) fit snugly in place, allowing cultures to breathe. Vials can be sterilized with a dilute bleach solution if desired. Supplied in packages of 10.

Plugs, Foam, White, 27-34 mm, Package/10

Open-celled plastic foam plugs for stoppering all types of culture containers-tubes, vials or flasks. Eliminate the need for messy and hard to use cotton and aluminum foil. Plugs are non-toxic, non-absorbent, completely breathable and may be repeatedly...
Vial Netting
Open mesh plastic netting for use in Drosophila culture vials. A length of netting placed in the vial serves to hold the medium in place and also increases the available surface area for larvae to attach and pupate. Supplied in packages of 10 3-inch...
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