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Hydrion 1-12 pH Test Strips

Hydrion 1-12 pH Test Strips AP1107
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Hydrion 1-12 pH Test Strips
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A low cost vial of pH paper (in strips) that covers the full range of 1 to 12 pH units. A color change will occur for each pH unit and a color matching chart is affixed to the side of the vial. Two charts are provided on each vial, i.e., 1-6 pH and 7-12 pH. 100 strips per vial. You will want to consider this paper as a substitute for traditional litmus paper. The cost is approximately three times the price of litmus, but the sharply-defined color for each pH unit will provide the student with a good deal more accuracy than just acid or base as is the case with litmus paper.

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