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Oven Thermometer with Probe

Oven Thermometer with Probe, AP1112
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Oven Thermometer with Probe
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This metal, non-mercury thermometer is a safer choice for use in an oven than a standard mercury thermometer. If a mercury thermometer is broken in an oven you have the perfect conditions for flooding the oven (and ultimately the lab) with toxic mercury vapors.

The thermometer has an 8" metal probe, which is designed to be inserted into the thermometer hole in the oven while the thermometer face remains outside the oven. This provides better temperature control since the oven temperature can be monitored without having to open the oven. Thermometer reads to 250 șC in increments of 2 șC. If the entire thermometer is placed inside the oven, it will only withstand temperatures up to 150 șC. The 1 3/4" diameter thermometer face has black graduations and a fine black pointer. Stainless steel clamp is included for attaching the thermometer to the wall of the beaker.

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