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Superconductivity Demonstration Kit

Superconductivity Demonstration Kit AP1489
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Superconductivity Demonstration Kit
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Superconductivity is the spectacular characteristic of the total disappearance of electrical resistance when a superconductor is cooled below a critical temperature. Critical temperature is the highest temperature at which the superconductive state is achieved.

Another important and unique property of superconductors is that if a magnetic field is applied to the superconductor the effect of magnetization can be reversed. This reversible magnetic behavior is called the Meissner Effect. It is this Meissner Effect (reverse magnetization) that would enable, for example, a train to levitate above its tracks. Since there would be no friction between wheels and track, the train could probably operate while consuming very little energy.

Flinn Scientific's unique demonstration kit will provide you and your students with all the materials needed (except liquid nitrogen) to successfully demonstrate the characteristics of superconductivity and the Meissner Effect. Each demonstration kit includes one rugged 1" superconductor, one rare earth magnet, one non-metallic forceps, and one “how to” instruction manual.


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