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Thermometer Rack

Flinn Thermometer Storage Rack AP1506
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Thermometer Rack
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By: Raleigh Philp Science Teacher-Retired, Arcadia, CA

Science teachers report that storing, transporting and dispensing thermometers to students is a problem that needs a solution. A science teacher created this rack aimed at solving that problem.

The rack measures approximately 12 1/2" long x 12" wide and accepts 14 12"-long thermometers. Instead of your expensive instruments rolling around a drawer, they are placed in the rack which is hinged so that it can be placed in the lab on days thermometers will be used. Students can take their thermometers from the rack and return them upon completion of the lab.

The instructor can quickly tell if thermometers are missing. The rack can be folded, locked, and stored. A really valuable tool to protect and store expensive thermometers.

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