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Organic Smell Identification - Super Value Kit

Organic Smell Identification - Super Value Kit, AP1566
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Organic Smell Identification - Super Value Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Aromatherapy—it's organic chemistry! Introduce students to the wide variety of organic compounds found in nature that are used in fragrances, flavorings, and perfumes. Students are invited to take a “whiff” of 20 volatile organic compounds having pleasant, familiar odors and to identify natural sources of the same scents. A revised set of scent identification cards makes it easy for students to classify odors and match them with structures.

All of the scents included in the kit are “essential oil” ingredients—isolated from flowers, fruits, and vegetables—that give them their characteristic odors and flavors. These natural compounds are used as fragrance and flavor additives in perfumes, foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Geraniol, for example, is a major ingredient in the natural oils isolated from geraniums and roses and is used as both a perfume and insect attractant. Cinnamaldehyde, obtained from “oil of cinnamon,” is used as a flavoring agent in candies and foods. Certain to stimulate lively student discussion of the uses of organic chemicals in their everyday lives, this lab activity will teach students that chemistry makes scents!

Includes an expanded discussion of the structures and fragrance and flavor applications of all the organic scent compounds. Recommended follow-up ideas and activities also provided.

Super Value Kit is complete with 20 reusable samples.


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