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Flinn Purgit™ Exhaust System

Flinn Purgit™ Exhaust System, AP1688
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Flinn Purgit™ Exhaust System
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When Your Chemical Storeroom Cries Out “Ventilate Me!”
Do you notice an offensive odor when entering your chemical storeroom? Your storeroom may be crying out for help. Flinn Scientific recommends you ventilate your chemical storeroom a minimum of four (4) air changes per hour. Regardless of the physical size of your chemical stores area, the Flinn Purgit™ Exhaust Fan is your best choice.

• Provides four air exchanges per hour
• Variable speed control
• Corrosion-resistant aluminum

The Purgit Exhaust Fan mounts on the exterior wall of your chemical storeroom. A 10½" square opening is required. The opening may be through an existing window or through an exterior wall. The variable speed control on the 1550 RPM exhaust fan motor allows you to adjust the speed of the fan to achieve the proper ventilation you need in your chemical stores area. Exhaust fan components are corrosion-resistant aluminum. Safety guards prevent accidental access to moving fan blades.

The Flinn Purgit Exhaust Fan includes the exhaust motor/blower set, external protective cover, internal damper and a variable speed control. 10 amp, 115 volt, 60 Hz electrical service is required. Complete instructions for installation are provided.

Motor Horsepower: 1/13
Motor RPM: 1600
32 pounds
Mounting Opening: 10½" Square
Free Air Capacity: 743 ft³/minute
Galvanized sheet metal duct draws air from floor. You provide the duct and installation. DIMENSIONS: 6'-8' high, 12'' wide, 8'' deep

Back Draft Damper and Speed Control Included Motor is self-lubricating, but not explosion-proof.

Please visit http://labsafety.flinnsci.com/Chapter.aspx?ChapterId=96&UnitId=3 and http://labsafety.flinnsci.com/Chapter.aspx?ChapterId=126&UnitId=5 to view free videos on Laboratory and Chemical Storeroom Ventilation!


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