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Flinn Dilutit™ Laboratory Exhaust System

Flinn Dilutit™ Laboratory Exhaust System, AP1690, etc.
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Flinn Dilutit™ Laboratory Exhaust System
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Your “Best” Solution to Protect Teachers and Students from Being Overexposed to Hazardous Laboratory Chemicals

The Flinn DILUTIT laboratory exhaust fan will move and exchange almost 3,000 ft³ of air in just one minute. Imagine a complete air exchange for your laboratory in less than 5 minutes!

• Complete air exchange in 5 minutes
• Complies with OSHA Regulations
• Moves 2,845 cubic feet of air per minute
• Fingertip control on/off switch

A 19" square wall opening is required to accommodate DILUTIT. Access to a 15 amp, 110 volt, 60 Hz electrical service is required. Installation may be through an existing window opening or through a wall.

High hazard situations may dictate the use of a hazardous location fan. The Flinn DILUTIT hazardous location fan (AP8738) is designed to exhaust atmospheres containing flammable, explosive vapors or gases. 18" fan blade is spark resistant, cast aluminum. Fan is UL Listed (E62643) for Class I, Group D and Class II, Groups E, F and G hazardous locations.

The exhaust outlet of this ¼ horsepower fan has automatic shutters to totally enclose the fan when not in operation. It operates with 1725 RPM at 4.4 full load amps. Weight is 25 pounds.

Please visit http://labsafety.flinnsci.com/Chapter.aspx?ChapterId=96&UnitId=3 and http://labsafety.flinnsci.com/Chapter.aspx?ChapterId=126&UnitId=5 to view free videos on Laboratory and Chemical Storeroom Ventilation!


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