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Radon Test - Demonstration Kit

Radon Test - Demonstration Kit, AP1830
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Radon Test - Demonstration Kit
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Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless radioactive gas formed by the natural decomposition of uranium. Radon may be found naturally in soil, rock formations, water, or air. Radon poses no risk when released outdoors. The problem occurs when radon gas is released in a confined area like your basement at home.

The short-term test kit (two- to four-day test period) allows you to “screen” the home for possible radon problems. Once the radon screening test kit is exposed, it is sent to the laboratory. An analysis of the kit is completed and you are sent a detailed report. The lab analysis and report are included in the purchase price of the kit. There are no additional charges.

Flinn Rad-tector radon screening test kit includes the Flinn ChemFax entitled “Radon Safety,” which will provide you with an excellent introduction to the study of radon.

Concepts: Radioactivity, decay series, alpha radiation.
Time Required: Two- to four-day test period
Materials Provided: Radon tester.


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