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Element of the Week

Element of the Week, AP1832
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Element of the Week
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Authors: Sue Berger, Allen Hill, Richard Holmquist, and Elizabeth Horsch

Spark student interest by highlighting a different element each week! With Element of the Week, a different element is selected for study each week. During the week, the element's properties and reactions are demonstrated through teacher demonstrations and hands-on student activities. The selection can proceed systematically across the Periodic Table, or you can study the elements in a random order.

The material for each week contains background information about the highlighted element, procedures for demonstrations and student activities using the element, safety and disposal for each activity, and references. Includes a section on teaching tips that the authors have found to be useful in their own classrooms. Fifteen elements in all are highlighted. 80 pages, 8˝" x 11", spiral-bound.

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