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The Overhead Oscillating Clock -
Chemical Demonstration Kit

The Overhead Oscillating Clock -
Chemical Demonstration Kit, AP2089
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The Overhead Oscillating Clock -
Chemical Demonstration Kit
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By: The Flinn Staff

Oscillating clock reactions are captivating due to their colorful and unpredictable changes. This variation of a classic oscillating reaction is easily performed on an overhead projector. Simply place a Petri dish on the overhead, add three solutions and mix. In a short while blue dots appear on an orange background. The blue dots expand, new dots appear and the dish is filled with concentric blue rings spreading through a sea of orange. The reaction continues for 30 minutes and can be restarted by simply swirling the dish. Teacher Demonstration Notes are included. Enough materials are included to perform the demonstration seven times.
Concepts: Oscillating reactions, oxidation-reduction, reaction mechanisms.
Time Required: 30 minutes
Chemicals Provided: Acidified sodium bromate solution, malonic acid solution, sodium bromide solution, and ferroin solution.


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